Every day, tens of thousands of librarians working in 16,000 bricks-and-mortar public library buildings promote books, authors and reading. They recommend books in person, through their Web sites, and through newsletters to millions of library users.


LibraryReads harnesses the time-honored value of “librarian’s picks” into a single nation-wide discovery tool, consisting of a monthly list of ten must-read picks of newly-released titles. This tool influences millions of library users, reaching beyond library walls into bookstores, media outlets, distributor recommendation engines, and online retailers.


LibraryReads already has the support of hundreds of libraries, the ABA, the ALA, and an enthusiastic group of some of the country’s best library “readers advisors.”


To keep costs low, LibraryReads uses the Edelweiss and NetGalley platforms to organize the lists. Rather than mailing print flyers, posters and lists, LibraryReads creates templates for libraries to print their own and to post on their Web sites.


LibraryReads is open to all employees of public libraries. Anyone working in a library who reads a book and loves it may nomi­nate it for LibraryReads. The title with the most nominations will be the #1 Pick.

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