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Nominate Titles for LibraryReads – Any Public Library Staff Member Can Do It!

If you are already an Edelweiss user and registered as a public librarian you are already a LibraryReads librarian.

If you are already an Edelweiss user, and logged in, but don’t see the option to “Submit to LibraryReads” when you click on Your Review, you may be in an Edelweiss organization that is not classified as a public library. In this case, please email for help.

If you are not an Edelweiss user, please register for Edelweiss using the Organization Type “Library – Public” to join the LibraryReads community.

Welcome! Nominate early, nominate often.

» Register and submit reviews through Edelweiss

Tips for nominating books and writing reviews:

Nomination Deadlines for 2014

(Library staff must submit nominations by the due date for titles to be considered for a given LibraryReads List)

January 2014 List December 1, 2013
February 2014 List January 1, 2014
March 2014 List February 1, 2014
April 2014 List March 1, 2014
May 2014 List April 1, 2014
June 2014 List May 1 , 2014
July 2014 List June 1, 2014
August 2014 List July 1, 2014
September 2014 List August 1, 2014
October 2014 List September 1, 2014
November 2014 List October 1, 2014
December 2014 List November 1, 2014